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From "Peter T. Abplanalp" <>
Subject Re: Simple WAR files
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 15:46:27 GMT
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On Sat, Aug 31, 2002 at 01:28:16AM +1000, James wrote:
> Hi,
> I have read the documentation for writing web applications and distributing
> them in WAR files, but now I am just more confused than ever. I'm looking
> for a simple step by step tutorial on making WAR archives and making them
> redistributable.
> I know this so far:
> - Directory structure; WEB-INF, WEB-INF/classes, etc and what they are used
> for

do you also know about the web.xml that is supposed to go into

> So now I need to know, what are the basic steps to make a very simple,
> almost HelloWord.war type of application? How do I write an application
> descriptor, and what do I do with it to make an application WAR file? What
> are all the references to asking an administrator to assign a context path?
> (I have no administrator, only my home computer and myself!)

let's say you are working in ~/src/myapp which contains the dir
structure you describe above.  all you need to do is execute the
following command in ~/src/myapp:

  jar cvf myapp.war *

then proceed to copy the war file to however many tomcats you want.
that's it in its simplest form.

if you then want to do some neater stuff, you need to look into how
the web.xml file is structured.  it basically defines your web app and
what happens where.  it is really beyond the scope of a single email.
creating the war file is always the same.

> Thanks,


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Peter Abplanalp

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