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From Josh G <>
Subject Re: Database write delay?!?!?!?
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 23:32:49 GMT
On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 9:22 am, Peter T. Abplanalp wrote:
> tired?  i don't think that is tired.  it still makes me chuckle;
> although, i've heard that M$ has doubled their mean time to failure so
> i suppose the updated version is to reboot once a day.  ;-)

Oh crap. My XP box at home stays up for weeks at a time, i only reboot when 
i'm messing with stuff and need to install a new/updated driver... 

> <donning flame retardant suit>
> as an side and on a totally different note:  does outlook express
> handle threading while outlook does not?  how is that possible?  i ask
> because it is annoying to me to be unable to thread some of the
> messages on this list.  i like to have all my related emails together.

Nah, OE doesn't thread... But Kmail threads nicely :-)

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