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From Ashish Kulkarni <>
Subject Re: How to keep track of sessions
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:14:22 GMT
Can some one provide with some java code where in they
have used HttpSessionListener, and then stored the
sessions in a vector when a new session is created,
and remove it when it is invalidated.
i m developing a webapplication where in the database
is as400, so when ever a user logs in a job is run on
as/400, but if the user just closes the browser
without signing out, then this job runs on as/400
untill i restart tomcat,  so i would like to know when
the user closes the browser, but there is no way i 
can find it out, so i think i will store all the
sessions created in a vector, and when the user
signoff I will remove the session from vector and then
also run schedule job say after 30 min which will
check the session from the vector,to find when was it
used last time, and if it is more then some time say
30 min, invalidate that session, which will stop the
job running on as400
is there a better way of doing it..
--- Mark O'Driscoll <> wrote:
> I am trying to keep track of the current sessions
> that are active in my web
> application.
> I have a HttpSessionListener that is correctly
> called on
> sessionCreated/sessionDeleted. I keep a reference to
> each session in the
> servletContext as a Vector.
> If tomcat is restarted then the sessions are
> persisted fine. However my
> vector of sessions is lost so I have no record of
> sessions that were created
> during a previous tomcat run.
> Any idea how I could find or keep the list of
> previously created sessions?
> Is there any way I can find a list of the current
> sessions without keeping a
> list (that would be my preference)
> - Mark
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