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From Mark <>
Subject confusion about <context>
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 02:02:23 GMT
let's say I have a folder in webapps called Go and in there is a 
WEB-INF with a servlet-mapping for GoSocket.
if I point to:
I can get the servlet but when I recompile it won't get reloaded 
unless I restart Tomcat.

inside of server.xml I put:
<Context path="/Go" docBase="g:/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4/webapps/Go" 

and restarted but it didn't help.
I also tried "Go" for the docBase and "webApps/Go"

what's it supposed to be???

- Mark

On Wed, 7 Aug 2002 20:52:24 -0500, Jacob Hookom wrote:
>The requirements of an application simulate LDAP.  I was wondering
>if I
>can spoof the JNDIRealm with my own implementation that may be
>backed by
>a DB?
>Jacob Hookom
>Comprehensive Computer Science
>University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
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