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From "Nagpal, Vikas" <>
Subject REPOST:Connection refused problem
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:20:52 GMT
Hi Everybody, 

We are trying to connect with our 'X' database with the help of servlets. We
are using the socket connection to the server and try to match the sequence
we paste in our User Interface and correspondingly generate the graph of the
matched sequence. But somehow we not able to connect with the database. It
flashes the following error message: 

Error in JCS:: Connection refused: connect 
Besides we have an IOEXCEPTION generated: cannot close the LOG/BAN files " " stream closed. 

Where JCS is the server we have generated ourselves to connect to the 'X' 
database.I am pretty certain that the EXCEPTION in the servlet code is 
causing the ERROR. We are not able to DEBUG this EXCEPTION. Can anyone DEBUG

Since we are serving our application using TOMCAT I would like to know what
we need to do to start a new instance of our application. When we LIST after
RELOADING(using the MANAGER tool) we get: /proj_GR:running:0 is the NUMBER
on the right side to do anything with the instance. 

To resolve we have tried importing packages like* and*.
Can someone DEBUG this EXCEPTION. 

Thanks in advance 

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