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From (Will Hartung)
Subject Re: STILL Need Help w. Tomcat Install
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:09:41 GMT
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 12:50 PM

> This is Steve Burrus again, and I am damned sorry to have to post my plea
> help/assistance again, but everyday when I first access my email there are
> literally 100's of postings from other members of the Tomcat newsgroup,
and my
> original post--and any response--is VERY DIFFICULT to locate, so here it
is again:
>   How exactly does one go about installing the Tomcat 4.0.* correctly??? I
> "racked my brain" in trying to figure out how to do this, but I simply
cannot do
> it myself, I am afraid to say! Thanx in advance to anyone who can help me!

Speaking of list volume...

Since 99% of the people here simply Reply to the e-mail, 99% of the
responses to your "pleas" should have the SAME SUBJECT as you used
originally (this e-mail is a perfect example).

If your e-mail client can not filter, sort, or whatever by e-mail subject,
then you simply need to get a better client. Clearly your current client is
not adequate to the tasks for which you wish to use it (for example,
managing a high volume mailing list).

As far as your request, you give NO details as to "what is wrong", or how
you think your installation is not correct. No details whatsoever.

You don't say what things you've tried, what documents you refered to for
guidance in those attempts, and how they are not working.

The basic, binary install works just peachy out of the box. Extract it to
someplace appropriate, cd $WHERE_YOU_EXTRACTED_IT/bin, type '' or
'startup.bat', and boom, it works. Your JAVA_HOME environment variable must
be set.

It's that simple.

Finally, the point of a mailing list is not simply a forum to scream and
shout for help, its a community for sharing knowledge. Just like a USENET
newsgroup, the value in the mailing list is seeing how the problems that
people have are worked out ON the mailing list, thus when someone else has a
problem, the archives will hopefully have the answers.

There are few things more aggravating that seeing nothing but pleas but no
answers in a mailing list. That makes it essentially worthless, both for the
current readers and for future readers.

So, never expect private mail, particularly early on, from a public forum.
It's not fair to anyone.

But, why am I saying all of this, when you won't read it anyway.


Will Hartung

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