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From (Will Hartung)
Subject Re: list volume
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:52:14 GMT
From: "Mona Wong-Barnum" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 1:02 PM

> > there are
> > literally 100's of postings from other members of the Tomcat newsgroup,
> This is a real problem for me as I spend hours ever day just scanning
> and deleting postins from this mailing list.  I'm considering getting off
> list.  How do other people deal with the volume?

I rely almost solely on subject headers, which means the subject headers are
even more relevant. I also focus more on pure Servlet issues rather than
Tomcat specific issues (like class path problems, et al). For me, its
important to focus on the specification and enabling it to solve certain
problems as it is for Tomcat specific things.

I also focus on question responses more than the question itself, as the
pertinent details are usually quoted in the response.

Finally, I read most everything Craig writes, regardless of the question, as
he is pretty authorative.

The rest? Well, they go bye-bye.


Will Hartung

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