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From Johan Sunnerstig <>
Subject RE: Easy to read HOWTO's or anything similar?
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:31:53 GMT
Yeah, I got the server working OK, pretty much right from the start, but for
one thing, I wanna get some understanding of how to configure the server,
without what's what, I wouldn't feel comfortable running a server at all,
too windows-esque

Anyways, it will serve a site that's mostly static content, but has one JSP
page, otherwise I'd stick with Apache.
Performance won't be issue, it will have a server all to itself, and the
site isn't exactly Yahoo ;)

What I'm looking for is more of a "Let's configure our Tomcat from scratch
in n steps", while most docs seem to be aimed at JSP developers.


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From: Mitchell, Edmund []
Sent: den 29 augusti 2002 13:53
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Subject: RE: Easy to read HOWTO's or anything similar?

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> From: Johan Sunnerstig []
> Say I just wanna setup a server, serving nothing but static 
> pages, what
> would be the minimum config I'd need for that?
> Thanks
> Johan

I might be misunderstanding your question, but I don't think you need to
fiddle with anything at all.
Tomcat works as a standalone right out of the box, without any changes
Just untar it, make sure your CATALINA_HOME & JAVA_HOME env vars are set,
run the /bin/ script, and look at http://localhost:8080/ - there
will be examples and everything already there.

Lastly, if you just want static pages, why use Tomcat at all?


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