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From Joe Tomcat <>
Subject Tomcat shutdown delay
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 23:49:54 GMT
I notice that when I do bin/, the script returns fairly
quickly, but it takes a few seconds longer for the catalina processes to
actually go away.  Ie, if I do and then ps auxw| grep
catalina, I still see a bunch of threads.

Is there a way to get the script to block until catalina is
completely done and the jvm has exited?  The reason I am interested in
this is that I want to automate some things and some tasks need to wait
until tomcat is completely done.  Right now I have a sleep 15 in my
script, which seems to work, but I would rather have it so that it knows
definitively that tomcat is shutdown and also so that it doesn't wait
any extra time.


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