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From Craig Longman <>
Subject Re: trying to understand contexts
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 03:59:20 GMT
On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 13:43, Jacob Kjome wrote:
> [...snip...]
> Having the ROOT context reloadable would be the solution.  You would then 
> have to get rid of all other defined/undefined contexts (meaning remove all 
> server.xml entries + remove all directories under webapps not named 
> ROOT).  If this was possible, then it would acheive what you are getting 
> at.  I guess I have to admit, it doesn't seem possible in the current 
> architecture.  Maybe someone else can prove us wrong.
> The one thing you can do to work around this is to have a servlet that 
> captures all paths under ROOT which forwards to the proper context such as 
> your "/app1" directory and, again, have no other contexts defined.
> Sorry I couldn't say anything more positive :-(

hehe, no problem. thats for helping me walk through it.  there seems to
be other issues with using the ROOT context, my template engine all of a
sudden can't find the templates, but i'm not sure why.
for the time being, i'm just going to go back to jserv i think.  its a
two line configuration for this there, and seeing as i'm not using any
of the other tomcat stuff, it seems to make the most sense.
i'm surprised that this is so difficult, it seems like a very convenient
way of doing things, just have a file extension that gets processed,
regardless of where it is.  but i can't figure out it.  i've asked some
questions specifically in other email, we'll see if someone else can
shed some light on things.



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