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From Craig Longman <>
Subject trying to understand contexts
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2002 01:34:24 GMT

hi there,

i am trying to wade through the configuration of tomcat now, and i'm
terribly confused about a few things.  pretty much all of the time when
i've created sites before, i've simply had a servlet process certain
filetype extensions or such, without much regard for what directory
things are located in.  occasionally, a servlet would be invoked
directly with a url something like /servlet/XXX.

with tomcat however, it seems that directories are king.  everything
needs to be in a directory, and its frustrating.  i just spent a great
deal of time trying to make a context with a path of "/" work, but to no
avail.  the documentation says that i MUST (emphasis in the docs) have a
context with a blank path, but the example server.xml file has it
commented out.  whenever i tried to use the context with path="/", i
would simply get 'no context available' error messages.

anyway, i'm trying to set things up so that everything off of the root
directory are processed by my servlet engine, based on the file
extension, much like jsp files work.  the problems are:

1) using path="/" just doesn't work.  is this a bug?  if not, why is
this not a valid context.
2) using path="" seems to invoke my servlet ok, but then for some reason
the 'reload' option in the application manager disappears. this means i
need to restart the server every time something changes, not exactly the
quickest development path.
3) just go with the flow and make my site(s) oriented around a directory
off of the main directory.  i guess this would be the simplest, but it
just seems strange.

so, any pointers that could help me understand whats going on would be
helpful, i guess i'm just too used to the simple old jserv way of doing
things, where you had files be processed anywhere (if the extension
matched), and /servlet/XXX as the way to invoke other servlets.  is this
style mimicable in tomcat?

btw, this is 4.1.9 (beta).



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