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From Murray Cumming <>
Subject Getting mod_webapp - should I give up?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 09:03:53 GMT
So, nobody can help me to build mod_webapp, and there is no rpm of it to
download. Does this just mean that it can't be built?

I don't remember where I read that mod_webapp was the "correct" way to
integrate Apache2 and Tomcat4. The documentation is a bit fragmented.

Is mod_jk* the true way to do this? If so, could someone give me a URL
to a definitive page that says this and how to get/build it?

I just want to integrate Apache2 and tomcat4, not do anything special.
About a year ago I did successfully integrate Apache1 and tomcat, but I
haven't worked with tomcat since then.

On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 17:20, Murray Cumming wrote:
> OK, so if I had read README.txt properly then I would know that I need
> to do a cvs checkout of apr into the webapp directory.
> It tells me to copy and modify a file, but there
> is no such file there, so I ignored that.
> As instructed, I then ran 
> support/
> This creates a configure script, which I am tempted to run, but the next
> step tells me to run ant. I did that, and I still this error:
> file:/home/murrayc/jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.0.4-src/webapp/build.xml:105: Cannot find
Tomcat 4.0 classes
> So, how do I tell it where to find these tomcat classes? I have already
> installed jakarta-tomcat-4 from here:
Murray Cumming

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