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From Jeffrey Polaski <>
Subject RE: Open source ODBC driver for SQL Server 7
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 18:13:55 GMT

> > > Check out it's a free
> > > commercially supported version of freetds.
> > 
> > Jim, in a note at the bottom of the page it says that TWFreeTDS "is not
> > recommended for commercial application". Do you know why?  It sounds
like it
> > may be a feature-limited release, somehow. Have you been running
> > on a production server?
> We had used it for a while.  We dropped it because our application became
> complex for it to handle.  We needed to run multiple stored procs which
> output from one as input the next proc which in a unit of work.  We ended
> purchasing a 3rd party driver which met our requirements.

Right now I'm  using select/insert/update/delete and some stored procedures
for text fields. Almost everything we have is a "data-entry" type of app.
There isn't too much complex SQL, except in stored procedures. Have you had
any problems with TWFreeTDS and stored procedures? Or with text fields
(especially if the text has over 5,000 characters)? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

   Jeff Polaski
   Research & Graduate Studies
   University California, Irvine 

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