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From Cédric Viaud <>
Subject [OFF-TOPIC] Tomcat 4.0.4 LE, Eclipse, JAXP, JAXB and parsing problem
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 15:34:14 GMT

maybe is this off-topic. In case ignore this, and sorry for bothering.

I develop an application running under Tomcat 4.0.4 LE (light edition) wich uses JAXP.

I use JAXP for XML parsing, and XML transformation. It almost work fine for everything.

I also use JAXB to map XML file into Java classes.

The problem is this :
I first read an XML file to populate the JAXB generated classes. I do this using the unmarshall
method provided by JAXB. It works well.

Then i select a sub-tree and write it in temporary file. I take care to add the DOCTYPE declaration
relative to this subtree in this file. This seems to work fine too because if i validate the
temporary file generated (with an XML tool : Excelon stylus), i have no errors.

Next i want to parse this temporary XML file using JAXP. i've done this many times in other
applications, and never got any problems, but here, the parse method generate a "SAXException".
The "e.getMessage()" return a message saying that the external entity "ipoi.dtd" (which is
the DTD for my XML instance) can not be found (i dont put the exact message as it is in french
!!). Be sure i have verified many times the path. I've tried to change it, ....
I've also tried to change the usual parse() method by the parse() method with 2 parameters
where the second if for indicating base URI for URI resolver. I've think that this could help
to find the DTD, but this doesn't help.

I'am thinking about problems with temporary file and Tomcat. Maybe security stuff ?

In fact, the very strange point is here. When i run my application under Tomcat using the
Tomcat plugin for Eclipse, it works. When i run the same Web application under Standalone
Tomcat, i get the Exception.

Can someone give me some tips ? Some pointers ? Do anyone know a mailing list where i could
ask ?

Thanks for help, regards,


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