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From "Dan Lipofsky" <>
Subject how to find the original URL
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 19:59:40 GMT
I am using tomcat 3.2.4.  I would like my error handler JSP
to be able to print out the page that the user originally
requested.  Is there a way to do this?

For example, test1.jsp forwards to test2.jsp, which then
throws an exception which takes it to ErrorHandler.jsp.
I am printing out request.getRequestURI() for each page.
This is what I see:

TEST1: URL=/nuserve/test1.jsp
TEST2: URL=/nuserve/test2.jsp
ERROR: URL=/nuserve/ErrorHandler.jsp

I would like to see "/nuserve/test1.jsp" everywhere
because that is the requested JSP.

Interestingly enough, if test2.jsp produces a lot of output
before throwing the exception (so that response.isCommited()==true)
then what I see is

TEST1: URL=/nuserve/test1.jsp
TEST2: URL=/nuserve/test2.jsp
ERROR: URL=/nuserve/test2.jsp

this is a little better because it at least shows me what page
threw the exception ... but I don't know how to force this
behavior in all cases.


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