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From "D Bamud" <>
Subject Block a dir to not display its content
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 06:48:24 GMT
Tomcat4.0.4 / J2SDK1.4.0/W2K

My application is webapps/bbc. It works just fine. The dirs inside it are
"jsp" and "WEB-INF". Inside the jsp dir I have my *.jsp files and also some
directories like "doc", "src", "images" etc. These are the directories that
the end user should not see content of via the browser. If someone make a
URL like /bbc/jsp/doc the contents are displayed on the browser and the user
could see/save them. I want to prevent them IN THE SAME WAY AS "WEB-INF" dir
is now (Tomcat4.x onwards). How to do it.

One way is of-course put default file like index.html (based on the
configuration). But I am looking for more better way (WEB-INF way). Where
and what I need to delcare.


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