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From "Dan Lipofsky" <>
Subject Re: tomcat stops randomly. why??
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 16:37:31 GMT
> I have a similar but different problem.
> Running 4.0.3 on solaris 8 standalone with jdk 1.4
> Occasionally, tomcat dies with no error message in any log file. It is as
> someone has kill -9'ed the jvm.
> Has anyone seen anything like this?
> People here are getting very wary of tomcat. I need some resolution to

I had something similar.  The cause was an infinite JSP forward loop.
Some magic caused the loop to break after 100 cycles, but sometimes
the JVM experienced a seg fault instead.  With a seg fault there is no
chance to write anything to the log files, of course, but an error is
to STDERR or STDOUT - we have output redirected to a file using nohup.
Under Unix a core file is generated unless you turn that off (I don't know
if Windows has core files) - make sure you have core file generation turned
We are running tomcat3.2.4/jdk1.3.1 on Solaris.
- Dan

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