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From "Rick Fincher" <>
Subject Re: JSPC Precompiling Issues and a handy utility
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 20:30:59 GMT
Hi David,

Thanks for the response.  I'm using an IDE and all it does is spit out a war
file with the JSP sources and WEB-INF.  I guess it can't use class files
because it has no knowlege of the container environment it will be deployed

So it looks like what I need to do is write an ant script (or somethin
similar) to take the webapp name as an argument and:

1. Call with the appropriate parameters to compile the servlets into
the work directory.
2. Pull the common/lib jars  and common/classes into the classpath.
3. Pull the WEB-INF/lib jars and WEB-INF/classes of the webapp into the
class path
4. Call javac with that classpath and compile all the .java files in the
work directory.

A shell script won't work because the classpath is too long for 1024
character limit, unless I use a shell without that restriction.

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> The Tomcat JspC process only generates the servlet code.  You have to
> the code yourself.  It's easy enough to set that up as part of your build
> process.
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> David M. Karr          ; Java/J2EE/XML/Unix/C++

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