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From "Vance Christiaanse" <>
Subject DB2 DataSources and Tomcat 4.0.4
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:34:51 GMT
Tomcat fans,

I've been trying to configure a DataSource in Tomcat 4.0.4 to use DB2 for...
well, for longer than I'd like to admit. I've searched the web and
experimented with jars vs. zips, with renaming them vs. rebuilding them,
with the lib folder vs. the common\lib folder, with "url" vs. "driverName",
and so on.

As a sanity check, I just tried switching my server.xml driverClassName and
driverName to values appropriate for Cloudscape and put the requisite jar
files in common\lib. The DataSource in my servlet worked fine the first
time! (And for the first time ever!)

I believe there is an issue with the DB2 driver involving native libraries
and classloaders. I suspect that Tomcat works just fine with drivers (e.g.
Cloudscape) that don't use native libraries.

I'm sending this because I hope it
(1) helps others who are trying to get DB2 working via a DataSource in
(2) inspires those who know more about this to tell us about it--
    In particular, has *anyone* *ever* gotten this to work?


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