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From "Joseph Molnar" <>
Subject RE: Best connector
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 23:04:17 GMT
Depends really on what you are doing and what versions you are using.

mod_jk is basically more difficult to get going but supports load
balancing mechanisms and is easier to separate out the static content
from the dynamic content (ie who serves it) when content is within the
jsp/servlet virtual directory

mod_webapp is generally easier to setup but when it comes to having
apache serve up the static content within the virtual directory area is
essentially impossible (I say essentially because I believe it can be
made to do so in an elaborate fashion, but I haven't tried)

coyote, I believe, is not meant for jsp/servlets ... but I cannot be
100% sure since I haven't used it (and is basically hearsay).

If you are setting up mod_webapp or want more info on it, I put
together, a while ago, a write-up on how to do get put it all together.
It covers having multiple instances, ssl and non-ssl, etc (so it could
be useful for pretty much everyone). It has httpd.conf and server.xml
examples to work from and some general commentary about things to note
and look at.

I went that route since the word on the street was that mod_webapp was
meant to replace mod_jk. Hard to say if that will be true, but it
definitely has some additional items it will need before it is as
expressive as mod_jk.


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> From: Kemp Randy-W18971 []
> Sent: Friday, August 30, 2002 6:16 AM
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> Subject: Best connector
> I was wondering what people believe is the best Apache Tomcat
> mod_jk, mod_webap (warp), or coyote?  And to those using coyote - is
> configuration entries in Tomcat and Apache different from the warp
> connector?  If so, is there any documentation or write-ups available?
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