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From "Cameron Taggart" <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1 b9, Reload Context with Ant
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 01:16:12 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to configure Tomcat and Ant so that I can type "ant reload" and
the web application that I am running will be redeployed without restarting
Tomcat.  This would really speed up development for me.

The first issue is that I have the context set up with a couple of resources
in the server.xml file.  Tomcat will autodeploy (but not start) this app
even without a folder named $tomcat/webapps/myapp or a war file named
$tomcat/webapps/myapp.war.  If I remove the context
http://localhost:8080/manager/remove?path=/myapp, and then try to install
the context
http://localhost:8080/manager/reload?path=/myapp&war=file:/mybuild, the
application can't find the resources, the MySQL database pool, or the mail

Is there any way to have the /myapp server.xml resources not be removed from
memory when the context is removed.  Or better yet, to have it put back in
memory when you install a context at the path /myapp?

Any help would be appreciated.


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