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From "Barry Martin" <>
Subject RE: Questionnaire
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 15:37:47 GMT
Here is the questionnaire.

-----Original Message-----
From: Marcos Manosso []
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 7:05 PM
To: Marcos Manosso
Cc: Marcos Manosso
Subject: Questionnaire
Importance: High

Dear Sir/Madam

We are conducting some research concerning the public's opinion about the
level of ethics in advertising. As you may be aware, many companies have
ethical advertising policies. Furthermore,  the media (i.e. TV, Radio,
Magazines and Newspapers) have governmental and non-governmental
organizations that are suppose to monitor the ethical content of
advertisements. The questions we want to address in this study are whether,
in the public's opinion, (a) this control is really maintaining a high level
of ethics in advertising executions; (b) what are the main issues in
advertising ethics that should be dealt with in order to ensure this high
ethical level, and (c) if ethics impacts consumers attitudes and behaviours
towards firms that maintain high levels of ethics in their business and
advertisings, which may be reflected in the company's society and

In order to answer these questions, we need your help. Following this letter
is a short questionnaire. We would really appreciate your help in completing
and returning it. Your responses are extremely valuable and will help us
gain a better understanding of the issues of advertising ethics and
corporate social responsibility.

Once completed, please return the questionnaire to

We know your time is valuable, and therefore, as a token of our appreciation
for your cooperation, we would be pleased to send you the results and
analysis of this questionnaire. If you wish to receive this summary, please
place your e-mail address in the "Subject" box of your response e-mail.

We assure you that the information you provide will be kept strictly
confidential and combined with all other responses so that no individuals
can be identified. In addition, your  name and/or e-mail address will remain
in the highest levels of anonymity and privacy, and will not be given, sold
or otherwise distributed to anyone, being destroyed from our records
immediately after your questionnaire is gathered and (if the case) the
results posted to you.

Please take a few minutes now to complete and return the questionnaire.

Thank you very much for your help

Marcos Manosso


Please complete the following fields:
Country of residence:___
Gender (Male / Female):___
Education Level (Elementary / High School / University / Post-Graduate):___

Please answer the following questions by placing an "x" in the appropriate
"Businesses have responsibilities with society that go beyond job creation."
1. Strongly agree   (__)
2. Agree   (__)
3.  No Opinion   (__)
4. Disagree   (__)
5. Strongly Disagree   (__)

"It is possible for a business to be both ethical and profitable."
1. Strongly agree   (__)
2. Agree   (__)
3.  No Opinion   (__)
4. Disagree   (__)
5. Strongly Disagree   (__)

"Advertising shows an accurate view of reality."
1. Strongly agree   (__)
2. Agree   (__)
3.  No Opinion   (__)
4. Disagree   (__)
5. Strongly Disagree   (__)

"Advertising helps to shape society's views of the world and itself."
1. Strongly agree   (__)
2. Agree   (__)
3.  No Opinion   (__)
4. Disagree   (__)
5. Strongly Disagree   (__)

How do you view the level of ethics in general advertising?
1. Very High   (__)
2. High   (__)
3. Average   (__)
4. Low   (__)
5. Very Low   (__)

Whose responsibility is it to deal with the social problems of the world?
(please mark with an "x", as appropriate)
01.  Businesses   (__)
02.  Non-Profit Organizations   (__)
03.  Government   (__)
04.  Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)   (__)
05.  Schools and Universities   (__)
06.  General Public   (__)
07.  Other - Please cite:___

Which of the following issues in general advertising would you consider
being unethical? (please mark by placing an "x" in the appropriate place(s))
01. Ads for abortion services or family planning   (__)

02. Ads for cosmetic surgery or other elective surgery   (__)

03. Ads for medical products and services   (__)

04. Ads for personal care and hygiene products   (__)

05. Ads for professional services (lawyers, doctors, etc.)   (__)

06. Ads for workers to replace striking workers   (__)

07. Advertising pharmaceuticals   (__)

08. Advertising to children   (__)

09. AIDS-awareness ads   (__)

10. Alcoholic beverage ads   (__)

11. Anti-abortion ads   (__)

12. Anti-alcohol Public Service Announcements   (__)

13. Anti-cigarette Public Service Announcements   (__)

14. Anti-drug Public Service Announcements   (__)

15. Censorious advertising   (__)

16. Cigarette and tobacco ads   (__)

17. Comparative advertising   (__)

18. Condom ads   (__)

19. Corporate advocacy ads   (__)

20. Creation of irrational desires and "needs"   (__)

21. Disguised advertising   (__)

22. Effect of ads on editorial content of the media   (__)

23. Effect of ads on the material wants of society   (__)

24. Effects of ads on the values of society   (__)

25. Ethical codes of ad agencies and the media   (__)

26. Information content of ads   (__)

27. International differences in ad ethics   (__)

28. Invasion of privacy   (__)

29. Lack of truth   (__)

30. Manipulation in advertising   (__)

31. Military recruiting ads   (__)

32. Negative political ads   (__)

33. Obtrusive advertising   (__)

34. Offensive advertising   (__)

35. Professional Athletes as ad spokespersons for a brand   (__)

36. "Puffery" (increase value or attributes)   (__)

37. Racial stereotyping ads   (__)

38. Self-regulation by the ad industry   (__)

39. Sexual stereotyping ads   (__)

40. Subliminal advertising   (__)

41. Use of death-related issues   (__)

42. Use of deception in ads   (__)

43. Use of emotional appeals in ads (psychoactive ads)   (__)

44. Use of fear appeals in ads   (__)

45. Use of parody   (__)

46. Use of sexual themes in ads   (__)

47. Violation of autonomy   (__)

48. Violation of the right to know   (__)

Please answer the following questions by placing an "x" on the appropriate

Have you ever decided not to buy a product/service due to an advertisement
that you perceived as unethical?
Yes (__)
No (__)

In the future, would you refrain from buying a product/service because you
perceive its advertisements as unethical?
Yes (__)
No (__)

Would you invest in a fund/company with high ethical standards if it
presented slightly lower returns  than a fund/company with low ethical
Yes (__)
No (__)

Thank you very much for your cooperation!!

Kind Regards
Marcos Manosso

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