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From "anthony.dodd" <>
Subject Re: Arabic content
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:48:48 GMT
We've done some work in this area.

We generate xhtml output using xslt's in conjuntion with an xml datasource.
We store the arabic in the database. Originally we held an NCR encoded form
of the arabic text, we now hold the arab text in a unicode format in a

We've written some JSP tags to handle localisation issues "right to left",
"left to right" and the retrieval of text from the database. We also wrote
equivalent xslt extensions, so the same could be done from inside a
stylesheet (using such extensions may prevent you generating translets from
your stylesheets). Each stylesheet is passed a string representation of the
required locale (e.g. en_GB, ar_KW)
and this value is passed to each of the extension functions.

When using the NCR encoded form of the arabic, it displayed fine in the main
window of the browser, but you couldn't use it on alt tags or in setting the
title bar.

The only issue remining for us is peformance we need to have some of the
texts cached (e.g. generate a resource bundle on system startup, there's a
jakarta project fo handling java classes, I think the people at Jboss use to
use it) and some retrieved on demand from a database.

We're an xml datasource carries localised text, be sure to use UTF-8

Drop us a line if you need any more advice.

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From: "Laurent FĂ©ral-Pierssens" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 12:25 PM
Subject: Arabic content

> Hi,
> We have been realizing web applications for the last 2 years using
> Tomcat. Last week, one of our clients asked us if we could provide a
> multilingual application that would contain English, French and Arabic
> content.
> My questions are vague for now. Did anyone actually produced an
> application with Arabic content? What should we have to take in
> consideration in our design and development? What are the risks and
> traps to avoid while coding such webapp? Is there a problem with
> displaying such information under Tomcat? storing it in MySQL?
> Those questions may actually be out of context for Tomcat. But your
> opinion would be much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Laurent
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