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From "forrest johnston" <>
Subject I Cannot get CGI to work on Tomcat 4.0.4
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 17:23:38 GMT
Subject: Help Getting CGI to work on Tomcat 4.0.4

I cannot get a cgi script to work.
I am running Win2000, my install is at
D:\java\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4  and the demo apps work
as well as other JSP stuff I have done lately.

%CATALINA_HOME% is D:\java\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.4

I have placed a CGI application at

I have renamed

I have found and un-commented the
"Common Gateway Includes (CGI) processing servlet..." block
in the file
and even placed that block (only that block) in

I restarted Tomcat and tried both
as well as
The requested resource (/STOCKPHOTOGRAPHY/cgi-bin/myProg.cgi) is not
The requested resource (/STOCKPHOTOGRAPHY/cgi-bin/index.html) is not

I can find no other documentation that tells me what I can do
in addition to what I have done.

Can Anyone suggest what I need to do?
Anyone had success with this?


PS:  Here is the actual text of the CGI block
	for each web.xml
FILE: %CATALINA_HOME%\conf\web.xml
  <!-- Common Gateway Includes (CGI) processing servlet, ...
   ..etc ... -->

END OF ps.

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