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Subject Re: R: HELP! iSaSiLk 3.04 and Tomcat4
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 17:05:45 GMT

Sorry, I'm the one who sent you down this trail, but am at a loss for
ideas..... don't recall having any such problems.

You might scan the reference guide, it's extremely detailed:

This mentions some of the stuff about setting system properties to make
HttpsURLConnection happy and so on...

There's also a section in there where you can turn on debugging and get
more info from JSSE about what it's doing:

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                      07/01/2002 03:17         Subject: R: HELP! iSaSiLk 3.04 and Tomcat4

Thanks a lot for your reply....

I followed your suggestions and I used JSSE integrated in JDK1.4....anyway
now I have a problem with it....

After installing JDK 1.4 I wrote the following Java code to open HTTPS

      URL myurl = new URL("");
      HttpsURLConnection con = (HttpsURLConnection)myurl.openConnection();
      InputStream ins = con.getInputStream();
      InputStreamReader isr=new InputStreamReader(ins);
      BufferedReader in =new BufferedReader(isr);

             String inputLine;

             while ((inputLine = in.readLine()) != null)


At statement  "InputStream ins = con.getInputStream();" I receive this
exception: Could not find trusted certificate

If as URL I insert all works correctly. I tried to set a
HostNameVerifier class for the HttpsURLConnection object. It is something
like this:

class MyVerif implements HostnameVerifier
        public boolean verify(String hostname, SSLSession session)
           return true;

The verify process returns always "true" in any case....I thought that this
trick let me
to avoid this type of error but I was wrong, in fact inserting the URL
I receive the same error :-(

I tried to install IAIK provider and iSaSiLK APIs and all works fine with
url ""
too!! How come? It seems that IAIK provider doesn't check if there is a
trusted certificate available....

How can I avoid the "" using only JDK

I hope you or someone else can help me....



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I remember using issasilk a couple years ago... I barely recall there being
some system property that you're supposed to set so that it uses your
particular SSL implementation. I think somehow that's not getting set or
somebody's resetting it after you... hth.

However the thing is, you can get a great SSL implementation straight from
sun nowadays: The only reason I ever
used issasilk was because my coworkers were adamantly opposed to upgrading
to jdk 1.2 (fud), which was required for Sun's SSL. JSSE was better behaved
(issasilk would always throw an exception at the end of the stream or
something) and of course free. JSSE is now included in JDK 1.4, and is I
think included in some of the tomcat distributions.

But hats off to those Austrian folks for making java SSL inexpensive while
the competition was gouging people for upwards of $20K....

(note - It's probably not necessary to post to both tomcat-dev and users
for this sort of thing)

                      "Luca Ventura"
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                      .it>                     cc:
                                               Subject: HELP! iSaSiLk 3.04
and Tomcat4
                      06/28/2002 03:35
                      Please respond
                      to "Tomcat Users

Hello everybody!

I have the following problem....

I have installed Apache Tomcat 4 (as Web Server) on a Windows XP machine.
Then I have
written a servlet that use IAIK's iSaSiLk 3.04 APIs to open https
(you can find iSaSiLk at:

The problem is that when my servlet tries to connect to a secure site (like
I receive a strange error:


In attach you find a snapshot with the detailed descriprion of the error
(note that
https.Https is the class I have written to open https connections).

The code that I have written (in the https.Https class used by the servlet)
to open https connections is:

import iaik.protocol.https.*;

      String urlString = "";
      URL url = new URL(urlString);
      HttpsURLConnection con = (HttpsURLConnection)url.openConnection();
      SSLContext context = new SSLClientContext();

I receive the "java.lang.ClassCastException" at the moment to execute the
HttpsURLConnection con = (HttpsURLConnection)url.openConnection();

I want to point out that I have put
"iaik_jce_full.jar","iaik_ssl.jar","w3c_http.jar" in the WEB-INF/lib folder
of my application.

The strange thing is that if I tried to execute my https connection using
the same IAIK's libraries
but from a Java stand-alone program (that is to say without using the Web
Server and the servlet)
all works fine. I am afraid that there is some library installed in my Web
Server that has some conflict with iSaSiLk 3.04 APIs.

What do you think about?

Is there someone can help me?

Thanks a lot in advance.

(See attached file: errorTomcat.jpg)--
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