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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Reasonable Documenation?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 15:13:23 GMT
Hi - I'm trying to get mod_jk going.  I have the connector and all, but,
even having looked at the accompanying "documentation", I can't seem to
determine for certain how I should set up my server.xml file.  Could
someone be so kind as to fill me in on precisely what is required to be
in a person's server.xml in order to use the jk connector?  Also - and
this may or may not be answered by the previous question - what do I use
for the class on the "Engine" element?  Am I required to specify "Host"
elements, or will having my virtual hosts set up in Apache be sufficient
for that?

What I'm shooting for is as simple of a server.xml file as possible -
putting as much of the burden for determining virtual hosts etc on
Apache.  I need it to do SSL and redirects.  I'm of the understanding
the jk connector is the best choice in this circumstance.  I will have
several pieces of static content, so I really want to use Apache to
serve that.  I had all of this, except redirection, working under the
webapp connector - but I'm of the understanding that it won't let Apache
do it's job on the static content - it wants to serve that too.  The
only reason (even though the webapp connector was serving static
content) I'm attempting to swap over to the jk connector is because I
really need redirection to work and would really like for the container
to handle that for me.  I believe this is the "last hurdle" I need to
jump before I can hit production.  Could someone please help me out
My configuration is as follows:

RedHat Linux 7.2
Apache 1.3.2
Tomcat 4.0.3
Sun JDK 1.4

Thanks so much!


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