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From August Detlefsen <>
Subject Re: The best website database!
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 17:49:14 GMT

--- Charles Baker <> wrote:
> Not saying you're wrong or right, but what do you see
> as the glaring holes in Postgres 7.2? And certainly
> not wanting to start any flame wars.

I started using Postgres about a year ago after many Oracle-based
projects. The biggest things I have missed so far are that there are no
built-in CONNECT BY, ROLLUP, and CUBE functions and the fact that
Postgres seems to slow down significantly if it is not VACUUM'd
frequently. However, these are not 'glaring holes' by any means and
they should not deter you from using Postgres in any way, especially as
an alternative to Access. 

By the way, there is a good solution for exporting data from Access to
Postgres available open source from:

(Just save as an Access Module and run -it creates the SQL statements
to recreate the whole DB in Postgres)


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