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From José Montiel <>
Subject Wrong Encoding returned by Tomcat 4.03 in HTML pages
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 15:53:42 GMT

	I just installed Tomcat 4.03 in a Linux/RedHat 7.1 box, and I'm
having the following problem:

	When I call a shtml, html page the browser set character
encoding as Unicode (UTF-8) even though the page has the proper META TAG

	<META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"

If I change character encoding to Western European (ISO) on the browser
the page reloads automatically and the error disappear. If I reload the
page the encoding is changed again to UTF-8.

	If a call a JSP it works just fine, encoding is correct.

	I have tried this with IE 6, Netscape 6 on Windows and Mozilla,
Netscape and Konqueror on Linux, always same result. 

	Locale settings on Linux box are set to es_VE, I also tried

	I have set debug level to 6 in all servlets with no luck.

	Any idea?

	Thanks in advance


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