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From "Adrian" <>
Subject Re: Heavy traffic trouble
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 00:33:48 GMT

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Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 2:46 PM
Subject: Heavy traffic trouble

The jakarta tomcat too slow and go down (crashed) when my site have heavy
traffic, maybe is a
regular question, but i can't found information about this problem, I am
worry because i saw  the proccesors and memory performance in my system and
all is ok, i have enough free memory and enough idle proccesor. I tried to
fix this problem working with the thread pool information
( )
but then i had the same
problem. I found information about this problem in other tomcat versions,
with linux and apache, somebody known something about this problem, how fix
this trouble? my tomcat is alone in a webserver, it have a connection with a
Oracle database server, and the connection with my http server (is the local
connection) is with the isapi filter (other ports is closed).
I have two similar web servers with load balancing:
I am using the Tomcat version 3.1.
my server have windows 2000 IIS with isapi filter for the tomcat
2 x 800 MHZ processors
1GB in RAM
2 x SCSI 3 harddrive
my regular traffic can be 2000 to 5000 costumer in
the same time, in other words i can have 1000 to 2500 simultaneous
connection by each server, but I have problem with 800 simultaneous
connection in each server.
Help me please.
excuse me and Thank you for all.

Luis A. Salas
Linux Administrator
Mercedes Software

Why are you running Tomcat on IIS, if you are a Linux Admin ? Do you have
the same problems on
UNIX based systems ? I run Tomcat on FreeBSD and have stress tested it,
where as I get slow performance, it does not Crash. I have used it with
mod_jk and mod_webapp with Apache1.3 and 2. Maybe it`s more the
Server/Platform combo than Tomcat.


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