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From "Nadeem Lee" <>
Subject Concealed
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2002 09:22:20 GMT

** Top Secret **
** High Priority **

Hi there Thomas. I really do want to help you. If I decide to do so,
what are the risks involve and what is expected of me? (Do I have to go
to Amsterdam?, etc.) Is this legal?

Please outline the details....

Hope all goes well with you. 

>>> 06/22/02 12:58PM >>>


Dear sir , 

My name is Thomas Savimbi, I am the eldest son of Jonas Savimbi, 
the leader UNITA of Angola. You may know that my father was recently 
killed in a battle with the federal troops of Angola, led by President

Dos Santos, who has been my late father's rival for years. Now the 
liberation of Angola, for which my father has been fighting for since
1966 has no future. 

President Dos Santos, remains a colossal failure since he assumed 
office. He is running a government of greed and gross marginalisation.

The United States of America, the United Kingdom and other Western 
powers, are aware of this glaring fact, and have done nothing about 
it. It is most unfortunate and disheartening that my father has died. 
Now UNITA is like a herd of cattle without shepherd. Prominent members

are now lobbying to assume office as leader to enrich themselves 
and some of them who see me as a threat to their ambitions, are 
even plotting to kill me. However, I am a young man who has ambitions 
and is not in any way interested in wars. 

I write to seek for your urgent help in respect to safe keeping 
of some of my father's money(US$25.4Million) that arose from Diamonds 
sales. This money(US$25.4Million) was already on its way to my father's

Swiss bank account and is in transit with a safe deposit company 
in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We used major part of our money in
the war. It is very clear with the way things are now, that President 
Dos Santos will freeze my father's assests and accounts in this 
country to ground UNITA. I wish to use this money to safeguard my

It is paramount that you understand that the kind of trust and
being reposed in you is extraordinary, and that this is an act of 

The help I need from you is clearing the money which is deposited 
with a security company in Amsterdam, after which, a professional 
banker, who is an attaché of IMF will join you and assist in depositing

the money and lodging into an account in your name. The money shall 
remain in your custody till I decide to leave Angola. In the interim, 
the money can be invested into riskfree profitable ventures, and 
there will an agreement by my lawyer to protect my interest. I have 
all the documents that will enable you claim the consignment from 
the security company. I will reward you with 20% of the money. 

I to thank you in advance in anticipation for your assistance in 
enabling me achieve this goal. 

Please contact me whether or not you are interested in assisting 
me. This will enable me scout for another partner in the event of
noninterest on your part. 

With best regards,

Mr.Thomas Savimbi. 

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