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From "Jim Michael" <>
Subject Re: flush="false" not working?
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 17:52:37 GMT

>Or setting your headers in the outer page, which is where it should
>done IMHO.  Includes are for content only -- trying to mix in
>functionality like modifying headers is a poor design practice.

That makes some dynamic sites very problematic... image that every page
on a site is pulling its content from a mySQL database, but I want the
pages to have some sort of "last modified" date that gets pulled from
field within each record... now if I have to set headers in the outer
page, I need to make a database call *just* to get the modified date,
then the included JSP actually makes the database calls for the real
data. I just doubled the connections made to the database, all because I
can't pull that date field and modify the header from within the

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