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From Sebastien Reboux <>
Subject Re: Segmentation Fault/Document Contains No Data...
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 07:34:55 GMT

I've spent the last two days having the same troubles, and all I could do
is get rid of 4.0.3 an go back to the 4.0.1 binary version ; I
compiled the 4.0.1 mod_webapp and it now works like a charm.
See "Re: webapp coredump" a few posts upper.

Good luck,


On 20 Jun 2002, Keith Pemberton wrote:

> All Tomcat gurus,
>      I was hoping that getting Tomcat4.0.3 and apache 1.3.22 working
> under Redhat would be a quick and easy setup.  I have spent the last
> month, though, just trying to get the examples to come up from
> as opposed to
>  Since I have installed using rpms,
> the server.xml file uses port 8180.  Tomcat has no problem running when
> I use the port at the end of my domain name.  I have yet to get apache
> to correctly send the request to Tomcat, though, by not calling the port
> number.  There are two common errors that I keep getting.  In the
> error_log for apache I keep getting a Segmentation Fault.  As well, when
> I try I keep getting a popup dialog box
> saying that the document contains no data.  I am trying to use
> mod_webapp module.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I
> have been pulling my hair out on this one.  Thanks!
> Keith
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Sebastien Reboux

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