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From "Roger Adema" <>
Subject Re: ZipException: Access is denied
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:05:56 GMT
Cynthia, just to confirm it's the same problem - are you seeing the
exception on startup of Tomcat?  If so, I'll pursue reporting the problem
to the appropriate people at IBM.




We see a similar problem with the latest IBM JDK 1.3.1 for OS/2.  We have
assumed that it is a JDK problem because a version of the JDK just 1 month
does not produce this problem.   We had been programming on Tomcat  since
December, 2001 and the problem first appeared a month ago when we got a
from IBM.

We have never seen the problem on Sun's JDK for Linux.  We would like to
the problem to IBM since it only occurs on the IBM JDK; however, this is no
longer possible for us under OIS/2.  So, try using a different vendor's JDK
see if that solves your problem.   If it is an IBM JDK problem, then
perhaps you
can report it as a problem under Windows which I am sure gets more
than OS/2.

Cynthia Jeness

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