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Subject Re: mapping upper-case to lower !
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 16:33:07 GMT

First I find it odd that Windows is throwing this problem. But still the
solution is to use mod_speling module with Apache.

#Uncomment these lines in your httpd.conf
LoadModule speling_module modules/
AddModule mod_speling.c

#Add these lines to your httpd.conf
  <IfModule mod_speling.c>
        CheckSpelling On

Note: This may slow down your response time a tad bit. Actually you may not
even notice it. :-)


"Walid Al-Abbadi " <> on 06/13/2002 10:27:09 AM

Please respond to "Tomcat Users List" <>


Subject:    mapping upper-case to lower !

   hi again,

  i use Tomcat4.0.3 with Apache2.0.36 on win2k.. i have a silly problem ..
if  i have a page "WORK.jsp" [capital letters]  and i try to request it by
http://localhost/work.jsp   [small letters] ..  i got   an 404 error :
The requested resource  is not available (/work.jsp).

i must request it as WORK.jsp!..  is there any way to tell Tomcat to map
the name from upper case to lower and vice-versa ?!  .. specially  in
Tomcat3.1 i didn't face like that ! ..

  thanks in advance ..

Walid Al-Abbadi

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