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Subject Re: ideal tomcat and apache setup
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 18:04:12 GMT

You could use resources across contexts (web applications) by setting the
crossContext attribute do the Context element to true in server.xml. This
will allow applications in a context to access resources from a "library"
context. Be careful of class loader issues.


Brennan Stehling <> on 06/01/2002 12:25:04 PM

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Subject:    ideal tomcat and apache setup

I have been learning how to configure Apache and Tomcat for a specific
configuration.  What I have is mutliple virtual hosts in the Apache
configuration for several websites.  What I would like to do is
reconfigure it so I can place many JSPs on any of these virtual hosts
and have them handled by Tomcat within a common set of shared beans and

So far it seems that this is not very common and I not sure it is even
possible.  The JSP spec wants each JSP mapped to a specific webapp so
that sessions can be managed among other things, but if I could have
Tomcat handle each JSP and map it to a default webapp then I would be
able to allow users to create and edit their own JSP and I can provide
beans and taglibs they can use to create article editors, photo
galleries, schedules and anything else that users would find useful.  I
want them to have the freedom to customize each JSP to their tastes but
benefit from the Java library I put together.

I suppose the catch is that the JSPs would not be under the webapps
directory for Tomcat.  They would be under the Apache document root
while the webapp would exist elsewhere.  This is the detail I having
trouble resolving.

Any ideas on configuring such a configuration?  Any opinions if I should
do this or if I should go another way?


Brennan -

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