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From "Jim Rueschhoff" <>
Subject RE: weird connection problems
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 15:15:24 GMT
Did you set up the ODBC DSN info to define the network connection using the
ODBC reg tool in the console?  You need to configure the ODBC info before
making the ODBC connection over a network.

In a related matter:  You understand that MS Access is not a suitable
database for a real production web app, right?  Also the jdbc:odbc bridge is
intended to be used only in a development environment.  It is NOT thread
safe and therefore is not safe to use in a production setting where you may
have more than one user processing at a time.  However, neither of these
problems has anything to do with problem you stated.  Both will work on a
site so small that there is no chance of having multiple users on at once.

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From: []
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 8:00 AM
Subject: weird connection problems

Hi all
 I currently have MS Access as my backend database and Tomcat as server.
I try to connect to a datasource over the network with the jsp (presentation
purpose) and java bean (business logic (where I establish connection to
Access database)) setup, i get an error. If I use the same jsp and java bean
to retrieve information from a database which is on my local pc then it is
able to do it ok.

Why is this happening? I am using a jdbc:odbc driver (the one that comes
with jdk1.4 (TYPE 1)). I thought it may be the driver but the funny thing is
if I write a jsp (presentation and business logic mixed) to retrieve the
from over the network then it works!!! Has anyone else had this problem?
anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Kind Regards

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