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From Scott Walters <>
Subject Re: jsp:include and cgi
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 17:27:41 GMT
Posting to the cgi is by FAR the easiest 
option for you.  It may be a little slower 
but not nearly as much as you might think.  
If you decide you have to go the native 
route via JNI,  you'll have to either put 
your native code in a shared library/dll 
or embed Tomcat into your executable.  JNI 
will only deal with shared libraries.


6/28/02 10:17:19 AM, "Andreas Hirner" 
<> wrote:

>> By "access a CGI" do you mean execute 
>> If so,  you'll either need to do an 
>> post to it using HttpURLConnection and
>> related classes from or 
>> to execute it directly if it's on the 
>> machine via a native library call.
>The CGI Script is on the same machine and 
produces images and text. So
>I guess the first option does not make 
sense, because it would be
>rather slow. But it is not an dynamic 
library. How can I load it and
>pass variables to it?
>> >i am trying to access a CGI using the
>> include action but all I get is
>> >a illigalStateException. Is there a 
>> to call CGI  script within a
>> >jsp page?
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