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From "Thébault, Médérick" <>
Subject RE: tomcat-apache with webapp connector
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:40:44 GMT

Es tu français?

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Jean-Luc BEAUDET []
Envoyé : lundi 10 juin 2002 17:37
À : Tomcat Users List
Objet : Re: tomcat-apache with webapp connector

"Stanish, Brian" a écrit :

> I am using Tomcat 4.0.3 with Java SDK 1.4.0 along with Apache 1.3.24.
These are all running on a RedHat 7.2 box on which I do have root
> I have followed the readme and install files and managed to get Tomcat
working standalone. Then I installed mod_webapp as a shared object for
Apache and edited my httpd.conf file to use that module:
> *********************
> LoadModule webapp_module /etc/httpd/modules/
> AddModule mod_webapp.c
> <IfModule mod_webapp.c>
>     WebAppConnection conn      warp
>     WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples
>     WebAppDeploy     manager     conn  /manager
>     WebAppInfo /webapp-info
> </IfModule>
> *********************
> I am able to access tomcat by going to the URL and I can access $tomcat_root/examples and
$tomcat_root/manager by going to and respectively.
> What I would like to do however, is allow .jsp files (and eventually
servlets as well) in my html root. Currently if I have a file such as, apache returns it as source text.

Well it seems that your jsp files are not treated at all...
First of all yu do have to well understand how deployments are done
under Tomcat.

/examples works well because, basically, your tomcat is pre-configured
to work this way.
The ServerROOT for Tomcat is under /path/to/Tomcat/webapps.

When Tomcat is started, it looks in that directory and deploy every "web
application" found. In that case,
examples ROOT manager tomcat-docs and eventually webdav.
This deployement is controlled by the $TOMCAT_DIR/server.xml and

So try first to execute sample codes from the /examples deployement and
look if it goes right.
You can see it too in $TOMCAT_DIR/work/ directoty.

> I have looked for a way to tell apache that if it finds a jsp file it
should send it to tomcat for processing,

Once mod_webapp is compiled, well installed and declared as a shared
module, Apache knows that all jsp's are to be sent to this module,
according, obviously, to the Deployment done.

About the deployment, i was talking of the part dedicated to
Tomcat-Apache which is handled in your case by mod_webapp on server ( hum, yu can forget it assuming that it is the default...) on
port 8008.
So that each Host and Context declared in this part AND WebAppDeployed
in httpd.conf will be concerned.

Yu may keep the structure described in THE 2.3 API Servlet:
/path/to/my/zone/webapps containing folders below:
./jsp  put jsp's files
./servlets for yur servlets
./WEB-INF/classes all .class files
./WEB-INF/lib all .jar files
./WEB-INF/web.xml describing how to handle yur jsp and servlets.

Don't forget that with no personal web.xml under WEB-INF, the deployer
will  understand that yu want to use the default one; that is
For instance it says that a common servlet will be call by

> but all I have found on the web and in newsgroups is how to do it
using either jserv or jk. Current documentation has recommended using
webapp as a connector, which is why I installed it, but does it disallow
me from having jsp's in my docroot? Any pointers would be appreciated.

Try to read the online documentation directly on yur server port 8080 (
if available) or go to the jakarta online doc

> Thanks in advance.
> -Brian

Hope this help.

Jean-Luc :O)

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