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From Kjetil Kjernsmo <>
Subject Re: Installation problems on Debian Woody
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:01:16 GMT
On Wednesday 26 June 2002 16:42, you wrote:
> I remember one of our sys admins having issues (the SocketException
> looks familiar) and just upgrading to 4.x through a tarball. It's not
> pretty (and we miss being able to upgrade through apt-get), but
> tomcat's working just fine now. 

Mmmmm, I see. I would of course like to use the .debs ("stick to your 
distro, son" is a common advice for people in my position) :-) 
Any other options....? :-)

>Any reason why you're using apache
> from unstable instead of testing?

Hehe, I asked the same question to debian-apache yesterday... :-) 
Long story, really (I guess OT), but since you asked:
Basically, there is some confusion as to the upgrade cycle right now, 
I'm certainly confused. They created unofficial 1.3.26 debs for Woody 
in a hurry, but that's not the way it is usually done, since security 
upgrades is usually just for stable. I have unstable in my sources.list 
(I wanted gnupg-1.0.7 some time ago, it had a new feature I really 
needed), but set default distro to testing. For some reason not quite 
clear to me, apt told me that I should upgrade to the one in 
unstable... So I did. From the response I got in debian-apache, I think 
they probably differ only in version number. 


Kjetil Kjernsmo
Astrophysicist/IT Consultant/Skeptic/Ski-orienteer/Orienteer/Mountaineer

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