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From Marc Logemann <>
Subject 4.0.4 reloading makes me crazy
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:23:17 GMT

i cant get reloading to work, i tried with manager and reloadable=true, the manager states
that he reloaded
the app, but in fact when requesting my testServlet, its the old content.

Here are the facts:


<Context path="/maxbahr" docBase="maxbahr" debug="0" reloadable="true">
        <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
             prefix="maxbahr_log." suffix=".txt"

2002-06-26 13:11:33 init
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardContext[/maxbahr]: Reloading this Context has started
2002-06-26 13:14:47 destroy
2002-06-26 13:14:47 WebappLoader[/maxbahr]: Deploying class repositories to work directory
2002-06-26 13:14:47 WebappLoader[/maxbahr]: Deploy JAR /WEB-INF/lib/velocity-dep-1.2.jar to
2002-06-26 13:14:47 WebappLoader[/maxbahr]: Reloading checks are enabled for this Context
2002-06-26 13:14:47 init
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardWrapper[/maxbahr:default]: Loading container servlet default
2002-06-26 13:14:47 default: init
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardWrapper[/maxbahr:invoker]: Loading container servlet invoker
2002-06-26 13:14:47 invoker: init
2002-06-26 13:14:47 jsp: init
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardManager[/maxbahr]: Seeding random number generator class
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardManager[/maxbahr]: Seeding of random number generator has been
2002-06-26 13:14:47 StandardContext[/maxbahr]: Reloading this Context is completed

the requesting url is:http://localhost:8080/maxbahr/servlet/de.bahr.erp.servlets.TestServlet

What i am doin during build is:

- stop webapp (via ANT Task)
- delete webapp folder and copy contents of my comiplation folder into it
- start webapp (via ANT Task)
- reload webapp (via ANT Task)
- request the URL

Of course when i stop the server completely and start again, everything is in place. At the
moment i dont know
where to search for the problem. Everything seems to be quite ok, just not the servlet output.

Is there any timeout period or something? Appreciate any help on this one...

greetings from
Marc Logemann
Homebase @

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