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From Subir Sengupta <>
Subject RE: Book recommendation
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 20:53:20 GMT
I would highly recommend 'More Servlets and Java Server Pages' by Marty
Hall, it covers Tomcat 4 and the new Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 specs.

The Professional Java Server Programming is good too.

The James Goodwill book is much too basic, you could learn as much by
reading the Tomcat docs on the Tomcat web site.

Hope that helps,

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From: []
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 10:26 AM
Subject: Book recommendation

Any recommendation for a good book that covers Tomcat and
other related open source technologies? More from an application
developers point of view as to how various components fit
together rather than sysadmin details or exhaustive details
about any one particular thing (say JBoss, Servlet etc).

Some books that came up on Internet search were...

1) MySQL and JSP Web Applications: Data-Driven Programming
        Using Tomcat and MySQL By James Turner

2) Apache Jakarta-Tomcat by James Goodwill

3) JSP, Servlets, and Mysql by Dave Harms

4) Professional Java Server Programming (many authors)

Any other ones out there and which one would you recommend?


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