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From "Douglas, Rory" <>
Subject RE: what is the mod_jk2 file???
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 19:11:41 GMT
Hi Steve,

mod_jk2 is the name of a module used to connect Tomcat to the Apache Web
Server. It allows Apache to handle static HTML, and pass requests for JSPs
through to Tomcat.

Before you starting messing with mod_jk,mod_jk2 or mod_webapp (all used to
make the Tomcat-Apache connection), make certain you actually need their
functionality. If you are Tomcat novice you can most likely use Tomcat as
your web server (using the included Coyote HTTP 1.1 connector) for both
static and dynamic pages. Much less config, much more documentation, much
less hassle. This is how I develop anyway.

If you need/want to try the Apache/Tomcat hook-up using mod_jk2, you will
need to:

1)Install Apache 2
2)Download mod_jk2.dll or (depending on whether you use Windows
or Unix)
3)Copy it into Apache2InstallDir\modules

and then follow the rest of the procedure outlined in previous posts to this

Again, though, if you just want to develop and test JSP pages using Tomcat,
there's no real need to hook it up to Apache. Unless you just like doing
things the hard way.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 2:31 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: what is the mod_jk2 file???

Rory, forgivbe my complete "ignorance" and even "idiocy" on the subject--I
AM a
complete novice when it comes to using Tomcat--but I was just wondering what
hell the mod_jk2 file is, what that is all about anyway??! There are still
things about tomcat that I don't know and probably will never know about, so
please "humor me" and tell me about the file!

--- "Douglas, Rory" <> wrote:
> As requested, attached are the actual config files I'm currently using to
> integerate Apache2 and Tomcat 4.1.3 using mod_jk2.  I have not included
> server.xml (it is hard to read because it's maintained by the admin
> but the complete <connector> element is attached (actually the tomcat docs
> on this part of the config are fine).
> Rory Douglas
> Sun Chemical Corporation
> (201) 224-4600 x133

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