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From "Douglas, Rory" <>
Subject example mod_jk2 configuration for Apache 2.0.39
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:12:10 GMT
Hi there

I haven't set-up anything really complex but the following setup should
work. I haven't got around to trying load-balancing, if anyone does that and
gets it working, please share!

in HTTPD.CONF (in Apache2\conf)
  LoadModule jk2_module modules/mod_jk2.dll

in JK2.PROPERTIES (in Tomcat4.1\conf)
I just commented out everything. Note that if you are using an AJP connector
with port other than the default of 8009 you should specify here (where it
says channelSocket.port). If you comment everything out JK seems to default
to 8009 (and then 8010, 8011 and so on if you have more than one connector).
If you want need specific ports for multiple connectors then specify
channelSocket.port multiple times e.g


if you have two AJP connectors specified in server.xml with port numbers
8014 and 8018.


I just copied this file from tomcat4.1\jtc-src\jk\conf into Apache2\conf and
edited it a bit. The really important bits seem to be:

  info=Ajp13 forwarding over socket

that actually sets up a worker. I understand that you can specify


and create groups of workers for load-balancing. I also believe that every
worker created without specfiying a group is in the default group (I think
it is "lb").

To map contexts use [uri:] blocks like so:

  info=Test context mapping

Again, here you can specify which workers serve that context by specifying

It's a good idea to keep these parts around too:

  info=Status worker, displays runtime informations

  info=Display status information and checks the config file for changes.

you can then hit http://yourapacheserver/jkstatus and get a loads of jk info
that might help you catch config errors

There are some docs in tomcat4.1\jtc-src\jk\doc\jk2 that might help (but
they're not great).

Hope this is useful to someone

-----Original Message----
From: Jacob Kjome []
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 11:08 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: mod_jk2 binary available here

Hello Rory,

Actually, a working version of mod_jk2.dll has already been provided
by Apache here:

However, the real issue now is how does one configure all this?  Rory,
you would be providing a super service to a lot of people if you would
provide a minimal configuration of mod_jk2 with *all* files involved.



Monday, June 24, 2002, 10:01:13 AM, you wrote:

DR> Hello all

DR> I have a working binary of mod_jk2.dll (working with Apache 2.0.39 on
DR> Server) if anyone would like to try it out. No guarantees though!

DR> You can get it here -->

DR> cheers

DR> Rory Douglas
DR> Sun Chemical Corporation
DR> (201) 224-4600 x133
DR> <> 

Best regards,

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