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From Rick Mann <>
Subject Help: context loading twice, but with a twist
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 23:23:32 GMT
Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious, but I thought I had this figured
out a long time ago.

I have a single directory in my webapps directory (BTW, Tomcat 4.0.4 final,
JDK 1.4.0_01, RH7.2, Apache 2.0.39, current mod_webapp) (actually, I have
two, the manager app, and mine, "store"). I have a single Warp Connector on
port 8008.

My server.xml files has two Context sections in it. One is for the manager
app, the other is for my store app. My store app has a servlet that gets
loaded at startup.

When I start Tomcat, everything starts fine, including my app.

However, as soon as a request is passed to Apache that it passes on to
Tomcat, my context is started again (I know this because I watch
catalina.out with tail -f catalina.out).

What is causing this?



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