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From "Ewert, Sven" <>
Subject (yet another one) german umlauts & ajp12
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 21:14:09 GMT
hi all,

first: i have read all preview postings about this topic.
so pleas dont reffer me to.

its a known problem that tomcat (3.x) with ajp2 has trouble by
displaying german /france /turkish / finish umlauts and spezial characters
like ÖÄÜß ...
i dont wanna make a mistake and say : its a general problem.
no it isnt.
lets take a deeper look.
using HTML-FORMS the spezial characters will encoded by base64 and the
server recives a respones in encoded form.
that means when i post an 'müh' the encoded value is : 'm%FCh'.
thats works fine with post and get. sure.
i only take this deep breath and displaying this example for dummy, cause
the encoding problem will take effect by urlrewriting spezial chars.
that means :
a href="/servlet/foo?value=müh">test</a
will produce an : m?h as response.
imageing what will happen when you use this type of interaction for example
with an sql database: select m?h from ... funny isnt it.

okay i think you will say :
guy, use post or get instead of urlrewriting.

sure. but imageing. there are some devices like mobilephones etc.
which are not permit the possibilities of get/post.
so in some kind urlreweriting is the only solution.

is there any bugfix for this problem (that means not using ajp3)
a third party bugfix or any other sulution would be fine.

c you


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