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From Scott Walters <>
Subject Re: specifying ClassLoader for webapp
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:38:00 GMT
I fixed my problem by moving the jars that 
load the native shared library into the 
lib/ext path of my jre.  I found a very 
good explanation of these issues in a pdf 
file that describes using the boot 
classpath at


6/27/02 3:32:59 PM, Scott Walters 
<> wrote:

>I've written a JNI based layer for a 
>native code executable to allow 
>to the native code application to be 
>written in Java. When the executable 
>starts, it creates a Java VM and loads 
>several infrasturcture Java classes.  
>These classes load a shared library as 
>part of their initialization which allow 
>the Java extension code to call back into 
>the native code.  All this has worked 
>I've also embedded Tomcat 4.0.3 into the 
>application successfully using the 
>CatalinaService class.  I'm running into 
>problem though, when I try to use the 
>infrastructure classes from my jsp bean 
>make calls back into the native code.  
>Since my initial ClassLoader from when I 
>created the Java VM has already loaded 
>shared library,  I get the following 
>javax.servlet.ServletException: Native 
>Library F:\Java\DLL\JNIXfer.dll already 
>loaded in another classloader
>Is there a way to enable Tomcat's webapp 
>classloader to find these infrastructure 
>classes that were already loaded by the 
>other Classloader?  I tried setting the 
>parent loader in the Catalina class to my 
>initial loader but that didn't seem to 
>have any effect.  I don't mind making 
>minor Tomcat source changes if that's 
>it takes to fix it.
>Scott Walters
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