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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject RE: mod_jk and Mapping configuration error
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 18:22:03 GMT

I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but a friend of mine sent this to me
late yesterday, it is apparently working for him and seems to be  "solid".
He's using apache 1.3.  No guarantees that it will work for you, but it
might be worth a shot. I'm going to try it out a little later today for
sure.  Apologies to Matthew B. for posting this. :)

** in httpd.conf **
#testing mod_jk!
<IfModule !mod_jk.c>
         LoadModule jk_module libexec/
AddModule mod_jk.c
JkWorkersFile "/usr/local/tomcat-4.0.3/conf/jk/"
JkLogFile "/usr/local/tomcat-4.0.3/logs/mod_jk.log"
## for testing, tune this down for production
JkLogLevel debug

Alias /jsp "/some/path/to/jsp"
<Directory "/some/path/to/jsp">
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.jsp
JkMount /jsp/*.jsp  ajp13

Alias /servlet "/some/path/to/servlet"
<Directory "/some/path/to/servlet">
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  DirectoryIndex  index.html index.htm index.jsp
JkMount /servlet/*  ajp13

** file **:


ALSO: comment out the AddType text/jsp .js and AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp
directives. The above config passes off anything in the aliased directories
to the ajp13 connector, and anything else gets served by apache.

John Turner

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From: Alex Short []
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 2:11 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: mod_jk and Mapping configuration error

I'm using Tomcat 4.0.3

I've tried looking all over the place for good documentation of 
apache+tomcat using mod_jk with Virtual Hosts and found many different 
(but none that worked for me) solutions.

Some said to put Host name= in the server.xml, others said put it in the file.  Finally i got it sort of working by creating a 
symbolic link in webapps called which points to my web dir.  
But unfortunately that only works if i do  otherwise it just gives me a 404.  
I've fiddled with Context host name and docBase etc, to no avail.

Does anyone have a working set of server.xml config files for a virtual 
host setup using apache+tomcat4+mod_jk ?  I want to have .jsp files within 
my webdirectory and point them to tomcat by file extention as i tried with 
JkMount /*.jsp ajp13 in my config.



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