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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: TC 4.1.3: JK2 connector dies?
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:43:58 GMT
> De: Liam Morley []
> Enviado el: 28 de junio de 2002 0:20

Hey is *preAlpha* code!!! :) ( the JK2 Native part at least ) 

Thanks for testing it!! ;)

comments intermixed below

>   I'm not sure if the port is my problem or not (and if everything is 
> using the same port, would it matter which one it was?), but 
> as far as 
> the port goes, I get the following two lines in my 
> document:
> port=8019
> channelSocket.port=8009

No idea where comens from this port=8019.., get 4.1.6 ( from CVS or wait
until Remy packages it ) it may be solves this and much of the other

> Other than that, I have a few jk2 log questions I'd like to iron out.
> why is this an error: "[error] workerEnv.init() create default worker 
> lb:lb" It has an "info" or "debug" sound to it, unless 
> creating a worker 
> is a bad thing. this shows up every time tomcat starts up, located in 
> between a few notices. Are other people getting this as well? 

I'll check levels on this message, thanks..

> I'm also 
> getting a LOT of [warn]s that look like info or debug 
> messages. For example:
> [warn] config.setConfig():  process uriMap:
> [warn] config: set uriMap: / info / 63e7b0 / = Maps the 
> requests.
> Of course I can set the log level higher to avoid these messages, but 
> what am I supposed to be warned about?

nothing? ;)

> After I make a request to http://localhost/my_webapp/, I get the 
> following errors and warns:
> [error] ajp13.service() error sending, reconnect 
> channel.socket:localhost:8019 -1 9 Bad file descriptor
> [warn] workerEnv.callbacks() channel.socket:localhost:8019
> [error] msgAjp.receive(): Bad signature 00
> [warn] BAD MESSAGE:  pos=4 len=4 max=8300
> [error] channelSocket.receive(): Bad header
> [error] workerEnv.processCallbacks() Error reading reply
> [error] ajp13.service() ajpGetReply unrecoverable error 21000
> [warn] ajp13.service() done ajp13:localhost:8019
> [warn] endpoint.close() ajp13:localhost:8019
> [warn] ajp13.done() close endpoint ajp13:localhost:8019 error_state 0
> [warn] ajp13.done() return to pool ajp13:localhost:8019
> [error] lb.service() worker failed ajp13:localhost:8019
> [error] lb.service() unrecoverable error...
> [error] mod_jk.handler() Error connecting to tomcat 21000
> It would be nice to know where the "bad message" or "bad file 
> descriptor" is.. I suppose that's another thing I'll have to go 
> searching for in the source code?

Wel you have problems connecting to 8019 port, in the stderr.log says
what port you are using actually..

> I've also been wondering about the following line in stderr.log:
> "INFO: APR not loaded, disabling jni components: 
> no 
> jkjni in java.library.path"
> That sounds bad. I searched the mailing list for prior questions 
> involving this, but didn't see any answers.

You need to put jkjni.dll in your path..

> Let me know if I should post my or 
> file if it will help.

I want to view your stderr.log and stdout.log, if posiible..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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