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From "Garling, Matthew" <>
Subject RE: Default Website -- Still not working -- Thanks!
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 11:09:36 GMT
Hi S W,

Sorry about my earlier answer. This was based on earlier versions. In
version 4.0.3 you need to add a Context entry like you mentioned. Important
to know is that the path must be "zero-length string" i.e. "".

This is explained in the documentation in the section concerning the
"Context Container". The Following is an excerpt:
You may define as many Context elements as you wish, nested within a Host
element in conf/server.xml. Each such Context MUST have a unique context
path, which is defined by the path attribute. In addition, you MUST define a
Context with a context path equal to a zero-length string. This Context
becomes the default web application for this virtual host, and is used to
process all requests that do not match any other Context's context path.  

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From: S W []
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 9:35 AM
Subject: Default Website -- Still not working -- Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

I know I've previously asked this question, but I'm
still having issues with it, I'm still a new to
Tomcat. I would really appreciate further guidance on
this issue.

I'm trying to setup Tomcat so the default directory is
something else other then Examples when I type in the
IP address.

I know where to change the welcome documents, but I
can't figure out how to change the default path.

Here are things which I have tried changing in the
server.xml file.

Changed from Examples to Test <Context path="/Test"
docBase="webapps/Test" debug="0"

I've also tried changing every reference from Examples
to Test but Tomcat wouldn't startup after that.

If someone could tell me what I'm missing I would
really appreciate it.

My environment: Windows 2000 SP2, Tomcat 4.0.3

Thank you!

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