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From Nick Wesselman <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp and static content
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 19:34:31 GMT
mod_jk will allow you to do this. though it's a bit more complex to set 


On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 01:58 PM, Alex Short wrote:

> So if that is the case is there any way currently to have a static and
> dynamic content all under one directory path
> /www/Features
> index.jsp
> front.jpg
> /www/Products
> index.jsp
> product1.html
> product2.html
> I guess one solution would be to make a /jsp directory and place all jsp
> content into that, then use the mod_webapp for that /jsp to direct to
> tomcat, but is there another way to divide between apache and tomcat?
> Perhaps using another connector besides mod_webapp?
> Alex
>>> From the tomcat 4.0.2 release notes:
>> "Currently, mod_webapp forwards *all* requests under the specified 
>> context
>> path to Tomcat for processing.  In a futher release, it will 
>> automatically
>> configure itself to serve static resources from Apache *unless* the 
>> resource
>> is subject to filtering, or subject to a security constraint, as 
>> defined in
>> web.xml.  No extra configuration in httpd.conf will be required."
>> So the goal is to have Tomcat serve only JSP and servlet requests, and 
>> have
>> Apache handle all the rest.  Tomcat stand-alone is not built to be a 
>> very
>> efficient static content server...for smaller sites and sites with low
>> bandwidth needs Tomcat stand-alone would probably be suitable for 
>> serving
>> all content.  Anything bigger, with lots of images or other static 
>> content,
>> etc. would be much better off using a Tomcat/Apache combo, as Apache 
>> is very
>> good at serving static content, much better than Tomcat.
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